Processes and Standards

The success of a project is determined to a great degree on engineering expertise and the qualifications of all the experts involved in developing and creating a new product. However, no less essential is the manual work planning, ensuring there are communication procedures in place between all interested parties and a shared knowledge of what’s required to complete the project by all members associated with it.




We produce software programs and electronic devices for a wide range of consumer marketplaces including communications, automotive, medical, industrial and energy, and transportation.


With the continually escalating requirements for bandwidth due to greater content usage through mobile devices and a variety of growing applications across connected devices throughout the automotive, medical and industrial sectors which continues to generate new developments within communications technology.

EndoTech creates and manufactures equipment to improve the performance of communications networks. Our teams provide extremely stable crystal oscillators for the telecommunications industry and is acknowledged around the globe as being a prominent supplier of these products and solutions. EndoTech additionally provides analysis and maintenance solutions for a variety of telecommunications base station apparatus. Furthermore, our technical engineers can also create individualized communications solutions for specific software within the primary sectors we are employed in.

Industrial & Energy

The digital shift in resources, infrastructure and manufacturing in between various industrial sectors is pushing new solutions that are intelligent, collaborative and lead to increased productivity for consumers.

Each team at EndoTech empowers our clients to attain these kinds of solutions for applications within automated, management and energy measurement, amongst others. Our understanding of electrical power transformation and storage know-how has aided clients to produce individualized microgrid systems along with innovative solutions for rail system initiatives.


The healthcare sector is quickly implementing new technologies to enhance the standard of treatment and produce enhanced effectiveness for healthcare organizations. At EndoTech, our engineering and development teams have been employed in developing a wide range of healthcare instruments and devices which incorporate electronic radiography solutions, automatic machines that administer medication, ultrasound apparatus, patient tracking appliances, custom designed room regulators for operation theaters amongst others.

Our engineering and production teams have established an excellent understanding of the programs and possess the expertise to develop and produce products within an advanced level of consistency.


With a heightened dedication to making rail transportation far friendlier to the environment, a drive to minimize the infrastructure expenses of metropolitan rail transportation, the necessity to possess real-time accessible information for travelers along with increasing urbanization and industrialization within emerging marketplaces, the railways industry will continue to advance technological innovation. EndoTech is at the cutting edge of this sector working closely together with the top worldwide OEMS and railroad operators on creating future technological innovations for rolling stock and signaling systems.


The automotive sector is under-going a healthy change with innovative non-traditional competitors entering the industry and launching disruptive technology which is integrating more electronics intended for systems like self-driving cars, powertrain construction and interaction amongst others.

Being an authority in electronics development and production providers we can easily assist clients understand this transformation by transforming key ideas into dependable and accomplished solutions. Our formidable understanding and practical knowledge involving building products to the necessary safety standards in addition to previous references within creating equivalent solutions for the rail transportation fields has placed us perfectly to assist our clients while they develop new solutions and products with the required technological innovation to remain in front.